Established in 2009 by Tuchawee Sonthirati, Indigoskin is inspired by his idea to merge premium grade denim with traditional Thai art to create well-crafted high quality jeans.

The notion of “Indigoskin” was born from the idea of serious denim lovers who wear jeans like a second skin and has accustomed it as a way of life.

Quality Of Siam

Indigoskin’s intent is to deliver the Quality of Siam through a perfect blend of Thai art and quality Japanese denim exclusively woven by one of Japan’s world-class denim mills. Thai artistry integrated into our jeans includes:

  • Kanok pattern on the back pocket
  • The renowned Khomapastr fabrics
  • Hand-woven fabrics from different parts of Thailand
  • The signature three-color buttons “Thong, Nak, Ngern” - gold, bronze, silver

Each pair of Indigoskin jeans is fashioned by our skilled tailors in Thailand and Japan resulting in a refined product with unique street appeal.


Indigoskin denim is made of fine quality cotton sourced from various countries around the world. The denim is rope dyed and produced on a small scale using vintage shuttle looms. The end result is a fabric of high quality and superior value. We work closely with our denim mill in Japan, renowned and well accepted to be one of the world’s best denim producers, to create distinguishing denim exclusively crafted for Indigoskin.


Tuchawee Sonthirati is always looking to be inspired by the destinations of which he travels. He brings his ideas to life through the collaboration with weavers, artists, and local craftsmen to create contemporary designs from traditional sources.

Indigoskin aims to infuse the charm of past and innovation of the future through denim designs and establish ourselves as one of the leading brands in the international fashion arena.