Inspired by his wholehearted love for jeans, Tuchawee Sonthirati brought Indigoskin into existence.
Indigoskin intends to convey the concept of “The Quality of Siam” though a perfect blend between traditional Thai art and
quality Japanese denim. Among this mixture of art are Kanok Pattern fabric, Khomapastr printed fabric, and "Tong, Nak,
Knern"(gold, bronze, silver) button. Each pair of jeans passes through a careful, yet delicate process by Thailand’s top tailors; thus marked the beginning of Indigoskin, the jeans of Siam.


The word, Indigoskin originated from the idea of “Denim Lover,” one who lives most of his life with jeans.
Therefore, jeans are like the second layer of the skin or the blue skin, which brought about the brand name Indigoskin.

Indigoskin uses the famous Japanese Dry Selvage made of quality cotton, which has passed through the traditional
Japanese dyeing process. Woven by vintage shuttle looms, the denim is one of the very few that can be produced
each day, making this material very special compared to those from other countries.

In the creation of its jeans, Indigoskin mixes the essence of Thailand by using the exclusively designed fabric from
Khomapastr, one of Thailand’s well-known traditional fabric suppliers. In addition to the Khomapastr fabric,
Indigoskin Dream Jeans Limited Edition also uses Jim’s Dream collection from Jim Thompson.

For its future production, Indigoskin looks forward to combining other traditional Thai materials,
such as Pa Kow Ma, Thai silk and Pa Mo Hom.